Alessandro Pelosi



Alessandro Pelosi, born in 1974, graduated at the University of Camerino (MC) with a thesis entitled: “Omnibus surety, autonomous guarantee contracts, credit mandate and updated interpretation of the benefice escussionis.”

He achieved the professional qualification during the 2003/04 exam session at Messina Court of Appeal.

Managing business partner of the firm, he deals with the management and direction of  Milan law firm, in the judicial and extrajudicial litigation, in the national territory.

Significant experiences:
From 2008-2013 he personally developed and prepared the entire project for an Insurance Company to be established with registered office in Malta and used to exercise – under the LPS (Free Provision of Services) regime – also in European Union countries.

In particular, he developed and prepared, in collaboration with the PWC Advisor (Price-Waterhouse-Consultant) of Malta,: – the financial project; – the internal organizational project in full compliance with the roles of competence, independence and autonomy of each member of the Board Directors and of the entire organization chart of the holding and subsidiaries; – the organizational project relating to outsourced resources. Furthermore, he elaborated and prepared all internal contractual relationships (as well as the conditions of the policy in case of damages, accident, sickness etc.) and external (among the various resources in outsourcing, brokerage, intermediaries, agencies, etc., including the shared proportional treaty to rule relations with the Reinsurer).

Of course, in-depth study, with a comparison of recent jurisprudential rulings, of the current discipline of the Private Association Code with reference to the problems on the procedures to be followed and actions to be carried out and contrasted.

The NewCo is currently in the process of obtaining a license from the MFSA of Malta.

In the years 2007-2009, he drew up and prepared, on behalf of companies specialized in the “energy from renewable sources-wind” sector, commercial contracts under international law for the construction of wind farms in foreign countries, agreements with some municipalities in the state of Romania and various international agreements to use the patents and obtain exclusive distribution of the products in Russia.

In the years 2008-2009-2010, he worked for multinational companies specialized in vitro diagnostics.

In particular, he developed and prepared an organization model / protocol for the holding and its subsidiaries pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, which was followed by information and internal training at all levels (employees, managers , executives) on the adopted model.

He developed and prepared the information flow system of the Supervisory Body with the other internal bodies of the company with the purpose of a correct implementation of the 231/2001 model. He was one of the members belonging to the Supervisory Body during the start-up step of the prepared protocol.

Professional Affiliations: Member of the Law Order of Milan

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