Areas of practice



Pelosi Law Firm boasts experience in the preparation and negotiation of license agreements for the exploitation of such copyrights:

  • computer programs
  • art projects
  • video game scenes
  • movies and similar

They can be a source of significant royalties for the copyright holder.

Furthermore, Pelosi Law Firm deals with trademark protection and patents.

The protection of the trademark represents the recognition, by law, of the psychological function of symbols. Through the trademarks and service marks, a company allows consumers to distinguish its products and capitalizes on its goodwill.

Pelosi Law Firm provides assistance to its clients in the evaluation of trademark proposals, in the prosecution of trademark applications through the European / US Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries, in the application and conservation of trademarks and supporting the accusation or the defense of lawsuits for violation. The firm also provides assistance in the recording of copyrighted material.

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