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Since 1975


Founded in 1975 by Giancarlo Pelosi, the law firm provides a “360 degree” service to its clients.

We are engaged in the general practice of the legal profession in Milan, Bellinzona, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Los Angeles, New York and Nice.

In Italy we have established relationships of mutual collaboration with several law firms. This allows us to operate better in different cities such as: Milan, Rome, Florence, Genoa, Venice, Turin, Naples, Messina and Palermo.

We provide legal assistance on a local, regional, national and international level. Among our clients there are  big companies operating in the manufacturing, tertiary, distribution, commercial, real estate, insurance, hotel and financial sectors, as well as small and medium-sized emerging companies.

We supply a wide range of services, including structuring and documenting complex lending and leasing transactions of any kind.

Currently our international team boasts a staff of high qualifies attorneys who have experience in different areas of law such as: finance and banking, acquisitions, securities, antitrust, real estate brokerage, tax and arbitration cases, patents, licensing, intellectual property and insurance sector.

Our Staff


The law Firm represents Italian and foreign clients in national or direct business abroad and in financial transactions.

Our attorneys have experience in a wide range of international areas and have assisted clients to keep in touch  with foreign investments in the United States, US overseas investments, international joint ventures, Eurocurrency / Eurodollar financing transactions, international real estate transactions and international construction projects, acquisitions and divestments.

All our attorneys and external collaborators have significant contacts and relationships with foreign lawyers, banks and companies based in Europe and in the United States.

Le Persone

Avvocato Giancarlo Pelosi

Avvocato, Founder and CEO

AREAS OF PRACTICE Specializations most requested by our customers.

Finance and banking sector
Bankruptcy Law
Acquisitions, antitrust, real estate brokerage
Tax cases and arbitration
Patents, licenses, intellectual property

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