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Florida represents, also in the perception of Italians, the Land of opportunity, in particular for companies that want to experience the US market.
The South East Chamber of Commerce is active in Miami, promoting Made in Italy for some years, helping Italian companies to bring their experience and know-how overseas.

In practice, those people who go to Florida, immediately realize that they are in a state that has only the lifestyle and modus operandi of America, while in terms of climate and atmosphere it is very little American.

We are in fact in a state characterized by a warm and humid climate, an atmosphere and a landscape divided between Latin America and the Caribbean. Spanish language is more used than English and, some corners reminds more Costa Rica or Mexico, compared to the USA.
For those who love the sea, the boat, the beaches it can be considered a small paradise, with great opportunities to do business and work in an environment that makes the work an important reason for living.

In the last days, the South East Chamber of Commerce has created the Florida Road Show which started in Milan and then arrived in Rome, Florence and Bologna, precisely to bring Italian companies closer to all the opportunities that Florida and its market can offer.

By Robertino Rossi

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