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Italian excellence in renewable energy is a leading player in Florida market.
For about one year, the attorneys coming from Milan have established fruitful and collaborative relationships with American authorities with the main goal to bring the best Italian technologies through the acquisition of new and prestigious overseas jobs.

Italian excellence and our most advanced technologies landed overseas. An ambassador of the best know-how in our country is Giancarlo Pelosi, an attorney both in Italy and in the USA where he is regularly registered in the State of Florida with the qualification of “Foreign Legal Consultant”. Pelosi is currently one of the few Italian lawyers to be licensed to practice law also in America. In particular, Pelosi & Partner Law Firm with its partners, Giancarlo and Alessandro Pelosi, with its offices in Milan and Miami, with its internal professionals and through valid and now consolidated professional relationships with other leading national and international firms , is operational in the main Italian European and American cities. Giancarlo Pelosi, a professional with a human face and elegant manners, as well as his skills in the legal field, has also become the spokesperson for many Italian companies operating in the renewable energy sector, with the aim of exporting their technologies acquiring new and prestigious works.

In Florida, he explains, the market has become more attractive for all the operators in this field. For about one year, supported by the local Italian and American authorities including the General Italian Consulate in Miami, the Italian American Chamber of Commerce and Miami University, we have created all the necessary contacts at industrial, political and administrative level, to allow privileged communications. In our numerous meetings, the American authorities have always shown great interest, so much that, Pelosi announces with understandable pride, he hopes, by the end of the year, to positively implement the project.

But in America, Pelosi Law Firm & Partners is synonymous of a 360 ° legal advice: the office in Miami where thousands of Italians gravitate, as well as representing the Italian-American Chamber of Commerce – of which Giancarlo Pelosi is one of the directors, is also legal consultant of trust of the General Consulate of Italy. “Our national and international skills – he adds – range in all the areas of law: civil corporate law in general, commercial exchanges, finance and the banking sector, but also real estate value acquisitions, antitrust and real estate brokerage, tax cases, arbitrations, patents and licenses, intellectual property and insurance.

Among other Pluses, the law firm organizes and represents Italian and foreign clients in national or direct activities abroad, it is also in a position to organize financial transactions aimed at corporate investments, international joint-ventures, international real estate transactions and building projects, acquisition international investment, but also issues related to intellectual property and immigration.

Our work, states Alessandro Pelosi, is essential for Italian companies that want to expand abroad, develop initial strategies and organize and negotiate commercial initiatives. International operations require not only technical language skills, but also a knowledge of local business laws and procedures. For this reason, for example, having an Italian law firm operating in Miami unquestionably represents a saving not only in terms of money but also in time for all our clients. All our professionals, explains Alessandro Pelosi, have constant contacts with foreign colleagues, with European and American banks and companies. A close relationship is what binds the professionals of Milan to Florida. So much so that he admits Italy-America Chamber of Commerce in Miami has recently opened a representative office in Italy, here in Milan, housed right in his law firm.

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