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Attorney Pelosi was admitted in Usa as a Foreign Legal Consultant. Unique European Attorney in Florida. 

The flag of the submarine Torricelli stands imposingly on a wall. If objects had a soul, perhaps it would ask to return to the sea and live its glory days again. Instead, it stands there, in the muffled atmosphere of a law firm, but ready to tell a story of war and honor. The banner belongs to Giancarlo Pelosi, an attorney from Milan, descendant of a noble family of Ligurian origin, who later settled in Montella, in Avellino province, in the seventeenth century. He is the son of Salvatore Pelosi, who entered the Naval Academy at fifteen and climbed the steps of a beautiful military career that ended in 1969 when, with the rank of Admiral, he held the important position of Commander in Chief of the Military Maritime Department of Ionio and Canale d’Otranto and as President of the Superior Council of the Armed Forces.

In June 1940 Salvatore Pelosi, in command of the Torricelli submarine located in the Red Sea, collided with the British, re-emerging after three days of pursuits.

He fought against five enemy units. he sank a fighter and a motorcycle gun, while the opponents were unable to hit him. The fight was unequal, however, and he chose to scuttle himself, determined to die with his submarine. He was saved by his crew and the British, admired by his valor, paid him the honor of arms. Fifty years later, in the 1990s, the Italian Navy dedicated a submarine to this hero of yesteryear, Salvatore Pelosi.

His son, Giancarlo Pelosi, in 1971 graduated in law, in Messina, and arrived in Milan in 1985. In March 2001 he was admitted as a Foreign Consultant (foreign lawyer who can practice in the USA, more precisely in Florida, where he opened a law firm in Miami), the only European professional who can currently hold this title in the peninsular state.

A nice goal, especially if I remember my first, difficult years of work.

In Milan, however, in 1984 he managed to get into finance and deal with corporate and tax consultancy for Tecnimont and Montedison. Before, from 79 to 84, he has already commuted with the states, where he collaborated with the important law firm Nixon, precisely that of the former US president. In those years he dedicated himself to American law and began to frame the goal that he will develop years later: understanding how to help Italian companies to land in the USA.

All this without running into bad adventures, wasting time and money, due to the incorrect knowledge of the rules of that country. The US road is resumed after Tangentopoli, when the big Italian industrial and financial groups have to face the storm. In 1995 the move to Florida, a strategic choice, given that the state is reaching out to Latin America and its important markets.

Today he is divided between Italy and the United States, always keeping his mission well on course: to direct and help Italian entrepreneurs who want to conquer the American market.

Pelosi Law Firm deals with all legal issues, advises on the most suitable company constitution and explains the diversity of the American “law” compared to the Italian “ius“. Furthermore, as a Foreign Legal Consultant, he can also offer legal advice to Americans interested in investing in Europe, or he can assist Americans of Italian origin who have interests in our country and therefore need a lawyer with two offices. Among the companies that, thanks to Pelosi have successfully faced the Yankee nation, Ducati Domotique, leader in the gate opener sector, for which it has created all the distribution in the United States. Today in the US, the company participates in major trade shows in Chicago, one in Miami and one in Fort Lauderdale.

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