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Newspaper: Business Project –San Paolo IMI group

One law firm in Milan and one in Miami. A life made of work and travel, divided between the legal consultancy carried out at international level and his own entrepreneurial activity. We asked Attorney Pelosi to tell us about his business and to explain why he chose the Business Project.

A law firm in Italy and one in the United States: can you tell us something more about your activity ?
As an Italian attorney, I deal here in Italy with business consultancy at national and international level. I also practice in the USA, in Miami, where in 2001 the Supreme Court authorized me to practice as an international attorney F.L.C (Foreign Legal Consultant).

My job consists in offering support – of course in matters of laws and contracts – to Italian or European companies wishing to conquer the American market and, vice versa, to those American citizens who have an interest in the EEC or more particularly in Italy. But my business doesn’t stop there. In 1991, together with Mauro Pecchenino – lecturer at IULM University and professional in the field of public relations – I founded SGP, a consulting agency in public relations and marketing that offers different types of services, from the press office to the definition of  marketing plans

What were your “first steps”?
After graduation and several years of practice in Messina, the city where I was born, I moved to New York. Here I can say that I “learned the trade” inside a big law firm. Once I came back to Italy, in 1985, it was natural for me to “treasure” this experience by “opening” my Milan law firm to international law as well. I had noticed that few of us had any real knowledge of the US market and its laws.

Why did you choose Sanpaolo IMI?

Because Sanpaolo IMI stands out for the flexibility and completeness of the proposals. It is a bank that welcomed me cordially by offering tailor-made solutions, designed according to my professional needs. I then check the quality of the services and the concern of the staff on a daily basis.

And why business project?
Because it is an account that shows great attention to the needs of small economic operators and of us as professionals. I appreciate it for the transparency of costs and the wide range of bank and non-bank benefits. An example? I travel a lot, so I often use a credit card and an ATM which, with Progetto Business, cost me nothing; In addition, it reassures me to know that, should I lose my wallet, there is a service that allows me to block all my cards with a simple phone call.

Have you already had the opportunity to contact the Business Service Center?
Yes, and I believe that one of the strengths of Progetto Business is precisely this operations center. I find  very convenient to have the Business Service Center as the only point of contact for every need, from booking airline flights to accessing the various benefits offered by my account.

by Francesca De Ponti

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